Broadlands feedback 360

A powerful, web-based toolset designed to facilitate confidential and structured feedback – focusing on learning and progression through:

  • Increased self-awareness through having the views of a number of assessors/respondents, and
  • Improved performance by this enhanced level of self-awareness.

Our tried and tested web based software works by gathering the opinions of a number of selected people – you and generally six others – all assessing you in a number of key areas. The online tool includes helpful prompts and guides, making it quick and easy to use. All the questionnaires and reports are handled online – all you and the other respondents need is a web browser and an email account – no software downloads or special hardware are required.

More about 360 degree feedback

Used by learning and development professionals for years, feedback 360 helps you to be more effective and improve your performance by understanding how others see you, your performance, your behaviour and your attitudes. Also known as multi-rater (respondent) feedback or peer appraisal, feedback 360 includes the views of your superior, peers and subordinates – and often clients or customers – and is effective because it:

  • Is based on a multi respondent assessment – rather than a single ‘top down’ assessment and as such is much more likely to be accepted and acted upon
  • Is used to inform planning, training and development – both at individual and organisational levels
  • Encourages people to become more used to giving and receiving feedback – often on a daily basis – enabling more open communications.

The individual completes their own self-assessment, which is then compared against feedback from your appropriate respondents - you can chose - anyone whose opinion you respect and who is familiar with your work.

Online report and learning materials

Broadlands feedback 360 generates an automatic personal ‘feedback report’ highlighting the differences (and similarities) between how you see yourself and how others see you. Critical areas for development are highlighted and your own personal ‘action planner’ helps you to understand and respond to the feedback. The system removes the need for face to face feedback from assessors/respondents; you can work through the report on your own or with your personal coach.

An easy to use and automated system

Broadlands feedback 360 is simple to use and is all done online:

Step 1 – you will receive an email to register onto the system and activate the questionnaire

Step 2 – complete your own questionnaire and give the names and email addresses of those that you wish to assess you – the respondents – between six and eight is usual. Each of the respondents receives an email inviting them to complete the same questionnaire, based on their perception of you

Step 3 – once everyone has completed their feedback, your report will be generated and available to download and print. Carefully designed to make the results easy to interpret, the report also comes with a workbook to help you build your action plan.

Who uses feedback 360?

Broadlands feedback 360 is powered by the same online system used by a range of organisations in the following sectors:

  • Construction and property
  • Energy, utilities and renewables
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Food and retail
  • Leisure
  • Media
  • Professional services
  • Government
  • Technology